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Syd Creighton and Mark Craker are long time friends, who had an idea to start a business.

What we wanted was to supply up to the minute computer components and computer systems to the public. Our aim was to give the general public (our customers) a friendly and down to earth service. And by analyzing there needs, and explaining to them (in a language that they could understand), the workings of a computer and it's components, so that they would feel more confident, that the choice of computer they decide on is right for their needs.

Our goal is to give a friendly and sincere service to our customers to make them feel like they are dealing with friends, and part of our computer family, or community and to build a lasting and trustworthy relationship with our customers so that, no matter how large, or small their problem may be, from a completely new system, or a minor upgrade, or software problem,They can trust us to give them the right advice.

And So a Business was born.

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