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computer upgrades


There comes a time when your computer may not be performing the way it used to when you first purchased it.

The computer industry is the fastest changing technology in the world today, and with it, the software industry is thriving.

You may find yourself in the situation, which the programs that you need to use, simply will not run on your current system

But, should you buy a new machine or should you upgrade?

New computers have become so inexpensive that we often don't even think of keeping our old machines and proceed directly for a new computer. Sometimes though, the best low-cost PC could turn out to be the one you already own.

There are three main questions to ask before you proceed with your computer upgrades.

1. What is the total cost of the upgrade parts?

2. How difficult is the upgrade and will I need to reinstall all my data anyway?

3. How does the cost of computer upgrades compare to the cost of a new system?

Most computer upgrades are for memory, additional storage space or adding a DVD burner. These are all very easy and inexpensive upgrades.

Upgrade the speed (Mhz or Ghz) is when you start upgrading many components and it is easier, often cheaper, and warranty is better on a new system.

If you already own a computer, you can also get away with just 'upgrading' your computer box only, you keep your monitor, keyboard, mouse, speakers, printer, etc. and just change the box that everything plugs into. If you have not bought a computer in a few years you could be pleasantly surprised at how much cheaper they have become.

If you own a Pentium 3 or earlier computer you may be experiencing parts failing due to age, or persistent computer problems and you should be looking at purchasing a new system.

If you own a Pentium 4 or equivalent computers and if the current system does everything you need, maybe a full recondition (upgrade memory + completely wipe and reinstall your Operating System) will bring it back to the speed it was when new, or even faster.

Call us, or bring your old PC in, for a free no obligation evaluation that could save you hundreds of dollars and we may even be able to recommend some options you had never thought about.

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